how do you take your tea?

March 21, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments

In the spirit of all things Anglo, I invite you to a little tea-time chat.  I am just sitting down to my afternoon cup of tea and have a few simple things to report.  I've been favoriting all kinds of spiced teas lately, Green Ginger or heavily-spiced Chai have been vying for the top.  Today, it's Chai with milk and sugar (they don't have honey at my workplace!).  How do you take your tea?  One lump or two?  Now, if I were a proper Brit, I'd have some sort of biscuit to offer you...but a cyber-biscuit sounds all kinds of wrong.


Heat up your water.
Go ahead.

I'll wait.

afternoon chai

tea time

Now that you're all settled in...
Oh what a weekend!  There was a grand mix of amazing cuisine, easy friendships, a flurry of spring cleaning, assembling food for the baby shower I hosted, drinking (ugh. too much), stimulating conversations, early-to-bed, book-finishing, naps, movie-watching, make-out sessions in the doorway, grocery shopping, meal-planning, baby-kissing.  

Frankly, I do indeed prefer life in general to be less full.  Weekends are such a tricky time of trying to connect with your family, getting enough lazy-time, working around the house, and catching up on sleep.  It's a perfect conundrum and I admit that it stumps me most of the time.  

How about you?  What was your weekend like?

Baby Chioggia and Golden Beet Gratin, Niçoise Olives,  Roquefort Mousse

One of the highlights in the cuisine department was going to Portage on Queen Anne Hill with our good friends, Jeremy and Jenae.  This gem above was one of our salads, the Baby Chioggia and Golden Beet Gratin, Niçoise Olives,  Roquefort Mousse.  I could have eaten quite a few of these.

friday night snacks

Afterward, staring at the moon while eating pistachios and froyo wasn't bad either.

the lovely mess of spring
remnants of tiramisu

The lovely mess of friends, sigh. I truly do find it beautiful.
(more pictures of the baby shower to come)

sunday's on the homestead

Playing and resting at Mom's house on Sunday.  A truly delightful day despite a rather dampening bout of depression that I woke to.


It is a life-long struggle for me, but not so much the depression itself.  It is more the ability to be kind to myself in light of its rather shadowy bits.  I preach loud about self-care, but dears - I fight every damn day to keep the good words and thoughts at the ready and to push back on the deluge of lies threatening my mind.  I bruise like hell most of the time, and sometimes I flat-out lose. But the battle only lasts so long, and that was yesterday. 

I'm happy to report that today is looking squeaky clean with its bright citrus perspective.

The truth is, depression comes to the forefront of my soul for a reason - at least for me.  I am  missing my sister and niece something fierce and immersed in all kinds of confusing thoughts, changes, and disappointments. I'm not eating well, not exercising, not writing, not snapping enough photos. All of those reasons aside, let's not forget the chemical imbalance always teetering in my brain chemistry.  So what if I just had to sit on my bed in a total conoundrum about what to wear (not for any special occasion, mind you) for almost an hour.   So what if the only self-care I can really muster is several hot baths in one day or lying still and brooding over the dying pear tree in the back-yard?

the rest of the weekend was spent...

Exactly how I felt at the end of all of it.
Satisfied and so sleeeeepy.

The lovely husband has to work late all week, so this means I get the house to myself.  To this introvert, an quiet space sounds better than a spa or a lifetime supply of gin and tonics.
(Whoa, come now, let's not over-exaggerate dears.)

That tea was reviving
(AND I didn't even burn my tongue!)

All in all, a proper respite.
Until next time.

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