friday's brain dump

March 18, 2011 Candace Morris 2 Comments

Welcome to my brain.
Today, I'm thinking of:

grapfruit, avocado, kalamata olives, and olive oil
grapefruit, avocado, kalamata olives, and olive oil

pancetta-wrapped dates and a sazerac
Pancetta-wrapped dates

Dinner last night with my love.  Sigh.
That was delicious.

This weekend I'm throwing a baby shower for my lovely Devon and her baby boy arriving in June.  Can't wait to make wee sandwiches and individual tiramisu, oogle miniature man clothes - plus drinking champagne at 1pm is, quite frankly, something I live for.

I'm hoping my Joel takes me to see the new "Jane Eyre" which just released in Seattle today.  Did you know there are 27 adaptations of the novel?  I liked Charlotte Gainsbourg as Jane, but the movie itself was very meh.

I have been looking ahead to this summer, dreaming about swimming, booking camping trips, coordinating a few road trips, and other such delightful holidays.  

I'm daydreaming about my's freshly painted and only needs 1 more coat and my desk in it for me to spread my wings, untuck my thoughts, and lie on the floor of my soul like a snow-angel.  I've got my March poem popping about in my head and it needs to get out - but it needs its very own room.  I'm also working on some photography projects that I'd love to narrow my focus upon.  I'm backed up in letters and other such correspondence since my desk hasn't been unpacked since the move in October.  Cannot wait for this to happen.  My desk is my grand-mother's sewing table, and I'm just in love with it.

I'm pages away from finishing "The Sun Also Rises."  I have enjoyed it immensely and am quite sad to be finished with it already.  Hemingway's stark, terse, economical sentences remind me VERY much of Camus - also one of my favorite authors.  Must look into their correlation.

I'm kicking myself in the wallet for a tax issue I forgot to employ earlier this year.  We owe a rather annoyingly large sum of money to Uncle Sam, and it just hurts.

Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous in Seattle.
I plan to spend it sleeping and eating my mother-in-law's food.


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