a humble christmas

December 28, 2010 Candace Morris 7 Comments

The saint and I spent Christmas in quiet.  I realized throughout the day how rare it is that one gets to do exactly as one wants to do on holidays. We will pull out the big guns with our family Christmas this coming weekend, but actual Christmas was sleepy, full of randomly wrapped stocking stuffers, cinnamon rolls, lots of movies, google tv for the saint and two amazing etsy purchases for me (a gorgeous messenger bag and a tailored-to-me black tuxedo jacket)! and a walk to the pub because suddenly we didn't feel like preparing the big dinner I had planned.  Truly, all I wanted was a contented mind, to allow the angst of the year to subside, to hear my soul resonate deeply with the stillness of the day, that all was at peace with me and I was at peace with all.  I believe I even asked Santa for a good mood.  Thanks, Fatty Clause.  Seems simple, but good moods aren't easy to come by (without vodka) and I'm not taking them for granted.

Happy Holidays, my pets.  If your wishes didn't come true, there is always beer.

It snowed IN the pub!
Now that is what I call a Christmas miracle.

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