Musings of a Mum: 1 year old

July 06, 2013 Candace Morris 0 Comments

Dear Bowie Andromeda,
Last week, we celebrated the anniversary of your birth.  We aren't really thematic sorts of people (excepting one year I had a 20s Lawn Party, can't wait to tell you about it!), so we kept it simple by inviting friends and family to come eat Gma's and Aunt Niki's homemade pies.  We had some lovely cheeses and crudités topped with a refreshing chilled lemonade, wine, and beer. You did remarkably well for being both sick and off your normal nap schedule.

Last week also marked only the second time you have been sick in your little life.  I fear I don't really expose you to many places where you would share toys with other children.  You were so pathetic, and it broke our hearts.  A cold turned into a cough turned into a fever, and we grew worried.  Despite our assurances that you were fine, we took you to see the doctor anyway and she assured us further.  All we could do was try to make you comfortable.

Even in your misery, you are a tolerant, patient soul.  You were content to sit quietly in my lap and still slept remarkably well for being so congested.  I am impressed with you.

One year, one year.  I feel the pressure to tell you something profound, but really I just want to spend time contemplating and writing to your little soul.  How marvelous it must be to see the world through those clear blue eyes!

You see Gma and Gpa's expressions of sheer delight looking back at you.
You see Daddy's bounding step as he comes up the walkway at the end of his workday.
You see my arms as the ultimate place to be, and I welcome you, for this will last all too shortly.
You see the kitty nuzzling up to your little body, eager for your not-so-gentle strokes.
You see good, healthy food put before you each meal.
You see fascinating and stimulating toys, new and old, provided entirely for your enjoyment and education.
You see your living quarters, full of books and clothing, blankets and diapers, rocking chairs and photographs...all for you, my Bowie.
You see your pup Sancho as he licks your tasty face - with you both shocked and delighted.
You see your other pup Freyja as she protects you from afar, giving you space.
You see your other pup Abbey as she lays beside you languidly, happy to be pulled and tugged and fed from your highchair.
You see Red and Moonie in their colorful way, making deep eye-contact and adoring you.
You see Umber and BC always giving you bits of their food, always ready to let you crawl on them, always ready for your happy face.
You see Aunt Niki rushing over after work to get even a small glimpse of you, to see you grow and marvel at your beauty.

A child's life, provided it should be good and giving, is so seemingly easy.  All is catered to you, all is yours.  However, since we were all children once, I do believe we know it is anything but easy.  It isn't easy to be confronted with bodily pains as you grow or physical limitations incohesive to brain activity.  It is in no way easy to be unable to express your wants outside of grunting, screaming, and garbled speech. It is not easy to understand the items that can or cannot be touched in any given house.

So for you, growing child of mine, I seek to know my limitless compassion.  I have also the understanding that your life is very good and will catch you when your frustration teeters you off the tightrope of development.

May your gaze be ever inward.
May your fascination, ever upward.
Your pursuit of both, indefatigable.
For our souls are the cosmos
And our cosmos are the souls.

Your Progress Report:

You are now an expert crawler, though I don't see you crawling much longer.  You love to stand and can even hold your own balance for 3-4 seconds, provided you don't realize you are standing unassisted.  I anticipate you walking sooner than later.  You don't particularly enjoy the feeling of grass on your knees, and yet you LOVE to be outdoors.  You therefore enjoy your version of a crab walk.

When you play inside, you actually like to just lay down and roll around, get up, stand up, lay down, roll around.  All in all, you are very chill.  You still enjoy taking any toy or item given you and raising it up over your head, behind your neck, and down behind your back.  It's comical.  Why do you do this?!

You now wave bye-bye.

You now say 'uh-oh' which I taught you one morning almost exactly as I taught cousin Clara.  For a few weeks, you said it all the time.  Now you seem to understand (all too well) it's meaning as you throw your cup down and look at me for confirmation of your word choice. "Yes, uh-oh indeed."

You also say 'ma-ma,' but feel it to be as yet indiscriminate. We are still working on baby signs so that you can express something other than ultimate frustration when you are done eating, when you want up, want down, or any other want in between.  You seem to be in a stage where you don't know what you want; you  cry when we hold you and cry when we put you down.  I can relate, child.  Don't worry.  You don't have to know what you want.

Quite remarkable to me is your new habit of playing with your ear and sucking your thumb.  You've sucked your thumb for 9 months, but the playing with the cartilage at the top of your left ear is entirely new.  This is crazy because that is exactly what I used to do!  Despite outgrowing thumbsucking (at age 10, much to my mother's chagrin),  I still play with my ear. How can this be genetic?!

You have this toothy grin that kills me.  You love to play independently, clap, and listen to singing.  If any music whatsoever is heard, you will move accordingly.  Dancer, perhaps?

You love cheese, I mean LOVE cheese.  You will eat anything, but if there is cheese on your plate, it's guaranteed to be the first item finished.  You also love watermelon and cheerios.  Oddly enough, you scarfed down ground taco meat, seasoned and everything.  You also love chicken curry. You had your first taste of Gma's pie, I do rather think you liked it despite your complete and utter meltdown at the birthday party.

[image courtesy of umberdove]
This month you got to meet your friend Allison and her lovely boy and husband.  You and Orion shared rather well, thank goodness...since you are nigh on betrothed.

Gma Mary also came to visit for your bday party.  Both Grandmas in one place! You loved hanging out with her, and Mum loved the help with a sick little lady!

We are all still getting to know each other in our new roles and new little person crawling loudly in the hall, and it's a happy place to be, this home of ours.

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