a [birthday] weekend to remember

July 22, 2013 Candace Morris 0 Comments

Saturday: July 20, 2013:
~Cool in the morning, Hot in the late afternoon, Nearly perfect by evening.~

09:35am:    Quad americano and cherry danish at Fremont Coffee, in perfect solitude
10:13am:    Wandering the aisles of Fred Meyer, looking for camping gear, in perfect solitude
11:00am:    Eye exam and new contacts, in perfect solitude
12:15am:    Spa treatments, in perfect solitude
01:20pm:    Shopping at University Village with Bowie and Joel. New brassiere, new edition of "Jane Eyre" to add to my collection - my gift to me.
02:00pm:    Jess and Kelly over to cook a few meals (ended up just being cheesecake, not to my disappointment) for Jess's upcoming maternity leave (she's being induced as I type this!).
03:00pm:   Nap, in glorious solitude. After two glasses of Vino Verde
05:47pm:   Niki comes over to watch Bowie
07:12pm:   Joel and I leave for my birthday dinner at Spinasse (in our new-to-us VW Passat!)
07:43pm:   Sipping Campari at the bar, waiting for a table, dishing on the style choices around me
08:00pm:   The Clark's decide to spontaneously join us!
08:29pm:   Sat outside at a table for four, ordering the pasta tasting menu and pouring over the Piedmont region's (our favorite!) wines. Joel chose a Barolo, the table bought a bottle of Barbara.
09:49pm:   Impassioned conversation wherein I became overly emboldened by said Barbara.
12:06am:   We walk to our cars, full of pasta and wine and ease.
12:30am:   Cheesecake and tea
01:07am:   Blissful slumber

Sunday: July 21, 2013:
~Cloudy until noon, a perfect 72 degrees from then on~

08:00am:  Cuddle with Bowie in bed, pretend to sleep while she wiggles around
09:30am:  Waffles and coffee
10:12am:  Inordinately long shower, nursing a painful post-wine headache
10:45am:  Sit on couch, leafing through August's VOGUE while Joel researches car stereos
12:00am:  Head to Mom and Dad's, stop for a hot dog along the way
01:20pm:  Arrive at Mom and Dad's
03:37pm:  Lounge outside in the sun, reading, dozing
04:00pm:  Bloody Mary and phone call with little sis
05:45pm:  Bday dinner in the Orchard
08:00pm:  Ice cream pie and presents from family
09:24pm:  Leave for home
10:20pm:  BED.

Oh, and then THIS light.

Glory Be. Happy 35th Bday to me,

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