My birthday weekend.

July 23, 2012 Candace Morris 3 Comments

 Friday night Joel's parents came to hang out with Bowie while Joel and I celebrated my birthday with an amazing dinner out.  If you live in Seattle, go to Altura.  Though not a connoisseur myself, Joel said that the fois gras there ruined him for anywhere else.  The food was excellent, but I was swimming on a sea of prosecco and campari and may have thought anything was good.

On my actual birthday, I got up early to go get my hair did.  Afterward, I came home and held my baby.  Joel went and got us burgers for dinner and I spent the majority of the day with more Prosecco and Campari.  It's my new favorite.  If you are inclined:

In a champagne flute, combine:
1oz Gin
1-2 drops blood orange bitters
Fill 3/4 of the way with Campari
Top with Prosecco (or champagne of any kind, but the dryer the better).

I love that just below a picture of my sweet baby girl is a recipe for one boozing cocktail.

Sunday is for pancakes.

And Mass Effect 3.

And holding grandbabies.

And classy wine chillin' techniques. 

And birthday gifts.

And hanging out with Grandpa.

And Angel Food bday cake!

And Trees.

And admiring our daughter.

And hot baths.


Joel heads back to work tomorrow.  May gods have mercy on my souls.

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