One of the good ones

March 04, 2012 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I thrive in structure.  It is therefore no surprise that a well-planned, well-executed weekend can do more than some might consider within the perimeters of sanity for the boosting of my mood.  Preparing dinner for company, cutting up lots of fruit for a non-alcoholic sangria recipe, eating well, a healthy dose of pampering and sunlight, and the company of good friends may be the cockatil I need in order to feel satisfied on a Sunday night.  I find this a humourous part of my personality.  I think most people love the weekends for their open-endedness (if you happen to be one of the lucky few Americans whose weekends are truly reserved for relaxing), but not having events or meals or plans upon which to schedule my leisure time somehow spirals into a lot of angst and restlessness, despite my best efforts.  

All of this analysis to say that this particular weekend, it was a good one.
I think of you and wonder what you need to feel truly satisfied with your times of rest - whatever it be, may it have been so on this first weekend of the new month.

Two totally random commitments to share:
1. This week I will continue with my "no desserts" rule for the weekdays and enjoy in moderation and awareness on the weekends.  I do this because I could sincerely eat a donut every.single.morning for breakfast, no matter how crappy it makes me feel.
2.  I am going to post a new photographic journal at the end of this week.   This will contain no iPhone photographs. 

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