quick to swoon

April 21, 2011 Candace Morris 4 Comments


Craft Spells
This album is KILLING me.

These shoes are calling me.

This book is YES!

These Pleated Trousers in Camel have my name all over them.
(Despite the popularity of these, I cannot find a pair that I love...thinking I might have to buy a really quality pair instead of looking at my usual thrifty stores)
(P.S. Why doesn't Seattle have a Zara?!!)

This AMAZING photograph makes my soul fly.

This website is a serious time-sucker but SO ADORABLE and good for that animal cute-fix you need.

Guess I am kind of an easy target these days.
Everything seems to make me swoon.

Spring makes me want to SPEND!
Would love to hear what's got your heart a'flutter today.

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