November 01, 2009 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Oh my, it's a glorious Sunday here at Booklings Manor.  The saint is making all kinds of man-sounds out in the yard with various heavy machinery and I am peaking at him through the window above my writing desk.

How was your Halloween?

We got an extra hour of sleep (which we needed in order to recover from our bourbon pumpkin pie eating, (with homemade crust by yours truly!!) pumpkin stein making, and late night viewing of Hitchcock's The Birds (what did YOU do?)) and decided to saunter into town for a breakfast bite.  Coffee, tea, two griddle cakes, bacon, and eggs later, we returned home just in time to catch the most brilliant sunshine.  Truly, I am wasting this remarkable light and should be outside with my camera capturing this fall set aflame...but there is more day to be had.  I think I'll ask the saint to take a fall drive with me on our way to his parent's house for our regular Sunday relaxationation.  Wanna come?!

Today marks the beginning of November's 12 month challenge, the month of mail.  I am happy to say that I have just finished writing my first postcard and will be placing it in the mail on my morning walk tomorrow.   There is still time to join up if you think you'd like to participate in the challenge.  Shoot me an email!

Well I am off to busy myself about the day with a glad heart.  I will be detailing my car, enjoying my family, paying my rent, making the menu for the week, and playing with my camera.  Happy Sunday!

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