la primera dia

February 09, 2009 Candace Morris 4 Comments

omg. they have internet in mexico!
this country has come a long way since i visited last (9 yrs ago).
he he.

well, i am here. despite some scary last minute running through airports to catch flights, i had smooth travel (including emergency exit rows.....mmmm). i was greeted by a balmy 81 degrees and some happy parents. we drove immediately to ¨their¨taco stand and then headed the two hours home from the airport.

it is really better to be here than i imagined. yes, it´s my mother, but despite that obvious comfort, i am surrounding by all the little knick knacks and decor i grew up with. since my parents moved to mexico four years ago, i have really mourned the loss of a home and it was never so good as to see a tattered old familiar towel , some silly frame, or my mom´s infamous ¨heart wall.¨

i sit here alone at my stepdad´s big desk, the house silent save for the tick of an old familiar clock and the sound of crickets through the open window. today i had a thought i swear i never had before...and it felt something like gratitude for my upbringing. i realized that a lot of americans come to mexico, but very few come to the mexico i know so well; the exposure of real people and real food and real culture. this place is really nothing like you have ever seen and i grabbed my camera several times in an attempt to bring you with me, but i was out of battery. sigh. all of that to say that i wouldn´t give up traveling this intimately for anything.

after a dinner of carne asada and horchata (with special guacamole they don't usually bring to the table, but did because they had a cute little blonde at the table with them), a spot of tequila & lime, a DVD episode of CSI (mis padres own all seasons in lieu of tv), i am off to bed.

tomorrow´s plans include sleeping and eating. oh, and perhaps i will sit on my mother´s deck as she waters her garden.

and in the embrace of my mothers aura, trinkets, and scent
i shall slumber
as i have not slumbered in much too long.

pensando en ti,
candi (dolce to the mexicanas).

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