a lighthearted rant

October 09, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

that's right folks, i said it.
(and i really think i am. getting. there.)

"bulletproof, i wish i was."

my usual wonder-woman powers of self-analysis have been
and well, just
(i thought i was a horrible person for a while again. it wasn't fun.)

ANYWAY, today i am not amused with one aspect of this whole $5 in bank account business.
f'ing bull shit free coffee.
i am not amused
see? this is my "
i am not amused" face
in other rants:
~fashion pet peeves seen this week downtown:
  • black translucent nylons, black keds
  • wet hair. oh gosh. WET HAIR.
  • gaucho capri pants with black barbie-heels
  • and the ever-present, never-ending PNW Pet Peeve? NORTHFACE JACKETS WITH BUSINESS SUITS.

and even more rants:

  1. i hate the superfluous use of umbrellas when it's barely even wet
  2. i hate that because you do dishes right before the bath, you have only enough hot water to cover the unmentionables and are in fact, MORE cold than before you took said bath
  3. i hate when the guy who gets to the bus stop AFTER you jumps on the bus RIGHT before you
  4. i hate that google books doesn't have a fully-published book of Cannery Row online - which means i cannot read it at work
  5. i hate that i have no idea what to read from the guy who just won the Nobel Prize in Literature because no one has started a discussion online about which works to read to get a good feel
  6. i hate clean hair
  7. i hate the idea of going to the symphony this weekend and NOT having our usual pre-ordered intermission cocktails...(i am going to scrounge up some money for this! it's a MUST!)
  8. i hate the elastic band of a waste this old dress has on it - it's suffocating and itchy.

well since i purged all that, i am feeling just much better.

after all, the greatest pain of today is over.
the rude, audacious offense,
the b.s. requirement to
(go to hell 6:30 alarm. even if you are pleasant-sounding harp strings)

oh happy, happy thursday.
it feels good to feel better.

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