hello, goodbye...you know you made us cry

January 03, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

A few tidbits/highlights from 2007:
1. Care of the Soul – Thomas Moore
2. I tried and liked oysters on a half-shell – twice!
3. My favorite surprise of 2007: Kelly Clark.
4. I learned that I loved reading the newspaper.
5. traveling as much as possible
6. Learning to embrace myself as an artist
7. Seeing Paris, Avignon, Nice, Cassis, Assisi, Florence, Venice, and Rome

Foreseeable goals for 2008:
1. Continue in the process of self-acceptance
2. Learn to like iced tea
3. Re read one book a year
4. Take myself on dates more often
5. paint, paint, paint
6. Learn to cook by cooking at least once a week (probably more like twice a month).
7. Call my family more
8. Read one financial book (it’s on its way from amazon as we speak!)
9. Save a three month emergency fund
10. Travel as much as possible (already going to Hawaii, California, and NYC)
11. Apply to grad school and work on prerequisites
12. Save for a really nice SLR, digital camera
13. Marry off one younger sister
14. Turn 30 with a bang (or just a kick-ass celebration)
15. Loose my last 10 pounds of goal weight

I am such a list fanatic. Shall I list the ways? I will spare us all.

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