Year in Photos 2015: aka gratitude and red wine

January 04, 2016 Candace Morris 0 Comments

Joel noticed that I hadn't created my normal end-of-year slideshow. The holidays took a lot out of me this year and didn't give back as fully as usual. That's fine - not every Holiday season can be totally filled with Christmas wonder. I think I am finally old enough to realize that - to realize that it's even good to have scrooge-y years.

I could have helped myself if only there'd been more down time, more introspection and reflection. But that would have meant saying 'no' to a lot of really fun things.

When I stayed home from a NYE party I really wanted to go to, I realized...I just couldn't handle one more fun thing.

And that included making my annual EOY slideshow. I usually make them for my own benefit, not thinking anyone would even miss it or notice.

So when Joel asked why I hadn't created the slideshow, he implored me, "You have to! I love those."

So I set to work. And wouldn't you know it, the nearly 20 hours required to put these slideshows together afforded time to reflect upon my year. An unexpected benefit.

As the photos of my life scrolled across my screen
As I fed my wanderlust with visions of my travels (a lot this year!)
As I relived the musical atmosphere that Joel curates for us so well every single year
As I touched again the faces of the souls whom I love beyond words,
I felt the deepest movement of gratitude.

Gratitude (and my red wine) brought me to tears. I have such a great life - my friends are irreplaceable and inspirational. My family, scattered, but fascinating, loving, and supportive. My travels - varied and made of unforgettable memories. My work - a soulful enabler of a soulful and generous lifestyle.

So I created another slideshow in their honor.
I do these to feel the scope of my vast year and all its feelings and faces
into 10 minutes.
An unjust treatment, no doubt.
But still.



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