where we go

October 05, 2014 Candace Morris 0 Comments

I'm not sure how it started.
Most likely in the normal way.
Let's get the girl out of the house and let Mother Nature

One success breeds desire for repeat results.

She was cautious at first, as she is wont to be.  
Staying close and preferring sand to sea.
But we kept coming back, to the Golden Garden.

And now she she wants to be in the water.
At all times.
Even though the chill of Autumn has cooled the Puget Sound waters considerably.

We just keep coming back.
There's rarely a week of our lives that we don't drive due west 10 minutes.

In late winter, she hated the sand.  
Now, she wants to immerse her soul in the grains.
And sand control has become part of our lives.
Finding it under covers and folded into socks.

And it has taught me a lesson I was sure I wasn't capable of,
to let go
to not be bothered.
At least not by sand.

It's our spot.  
It's where we go
To feel our lives.
To force breath into all the anxious nooks and crannies,
To dig deep and deeper into the fine grain of minutia.

To slow down and look at rocks.
To see how light changes your view
And how shadows hug you tight.

And to occasionally see baby seals taking naps in the sunset.
And to eat Paseo's.
And to reset bad days 
And to better good days.

But mainly, we go back 
to be shocked back into our own skin by the unparalleled beauty of 
right now, right here.


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