Blog Anniversary 5

October 26, 2012 Candace Morris 4 Comments

Today marks the year 5 anniversary of this little writing space of mine.   Thanks for being here with me.  When I started blogging, I never really imagined it would become such a cornerstone of my life.  I come to rely on it for my sanity.  Through it, I have embraced myself as a person, a photographer, an artist, a writer, and a friend.  It's opened up my introverted self to many online friends, several of whom I now consider some of my very best girls.  There's a lot of drama with bloggers, but I have to say that this blog has been one of the best things in my life.  I'm full of gratitude today.

I've spent some of today going through my favorite posts (see button on sidebar), and remarking on how satisfied I am that I do this.  While I am an entirely new me, it is also comforting to know that I am essentially the same at heart.  I still want a life of quiet meditation, fireside chats, fall colors, red wine, and Victorian sensibilities (minus the whole oppression of females thing).  I wanted that 5 years ago. These things I want are the very things I give myself.

Happy Anniversary, Musings.  Here's to five more.

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