Travels: The L.A. Edition

June 11, 2012 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I returned late last night from the last of my escapades before the August arrival of our offspring.  All of these trips were booked some time in March when I had been plagued by a serious case of wanderlust and was also gifted with the second trimester glory, both of which factored into my ill-advised travel plans for May and June. Each trip was wonderful and I don't regret them, but I am so tired.  The kind of tired where the slightest tenderness from your husband makes you cry pathetically as you fall into his arms.  I find it so interesting that fatigue can bring us to the pockets of ourselves we thought sewn up.  The ugly ways we behave to others, the irrational thoughts, the incapacities of being.  Lesson for today, dear souls: SLEEP.  The end.

My nieces Clara and Victoria, and my oldest sister Monica


 Isaac waxing serious with GG Don and GG June

My mom and her yummy ice cream cake

 Sis wanted a side profile of the belly and my Mom's awesome 70s glasses

Me with my twin nephews, Vincent and Isaac

My Gma Ruth

My gorgeous niece, Victoria

Ze Belly.

The trip to LA was lovely. I almost never see my family, and for some reason, pregnancy has made me miss them more than usual.  There is something about being near your own blood while growing a life inside of you that makes sense.  Perhaps it's the ancient craving for the village's support, perhaps it's an answer to the loneliness of pregnancy, perhaps it's the answers to the need to know how other women of your DNA carried their children.  For whatever reason, it was nice.

For the rest of the weekend, post-shower, sis and I just hung out watching Clara be the cutest.

Come on! Really? 
Ouch, my hearts!

Monday feels a bit bitter in my mouth. More water please,

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