Snowpocolypse 2012

January 19, 2012 Candace Morris 10 Comments

 Look at these two opposite-sized pooches!  It must be chaos in that house.

Such a magnificent tree and sad pooch waiting for its coffee-saturated master.

 Here I am with my 11.5 week old fetus.  Note the last button of my coat is in protest.  Sigh.  So it begins.

When conditions become this extreme, I always seem to think of times in history when electricity, grocery stores, insulated houses, and the internet were not a part of life.  I wonder what manner of women I would be faced with those hardships?  I'm sure, as with most evolutionary processes, I would adapt and thrive in the environment afforded me, but man - I should would miss perusing thinkgeek for nerdy kid's stuff to put on the baby registry.  Instead, I would have to go churn butter or chop wood.   Now I know several ladies who seem to still have that pioneer woman spirit in them, but I think that was bred out of me in my easy-living, automobile-centric, fast-food loving, Southern California childhood.   But hey, not all is lost.  I certainly know my way around a computer, can manage my time like a professional planner, and have a god-given penchant for eye-makeup.  It's the 21st century Pioneer-ess.  That's me.

One more thing.  I had my 80mm lens on the camera for a while (easier to take pictures of family for holidays), and it completely uninspired me to pick up my camera.  I recently changed it to the 50mm, and now I am itching to use it more and more.  Now all is well.

Come again soon,

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