Official Invitation to A Shot in the Dark: December Evenings

November 24, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments's cold here in Seattle, and that reminds me...

It's almost December, which means if you have decided to join my photography project for the month, you will need to join the Flickr group I have created so that we can all collaborate together. I am very excited to give these itchy-hands a project and a reason to have my camera on me at all times. {note: i do already}.

About the Project:
Birthed from Kelly's September photo project (30 days of self), I have realized my enjoyment not only in taking photographs, but in the collaboration and betterment of craft that comes from sharing the project with others. I had personal communication with some lovely people that I have never even met - but now consider good friends. In addition, I believe that I grew as a photographer and am now looking for structured ways to continue this improvement. December provides a beautiful backdrop for many photographs, and because twilight is my favorite time of day, I have decided to embark into a daily photo assignment.

The Requirements:
A daily photo of your December evenings. This may include you, your loved ones, or no people at all. Then post your picture to the flickr group. Log in daily to see comments on your photos and provide comments and encouragement for others photos. ANYONE and EVERYONE can join! (If you cannot commit to daily photos, perhaps just post a few on the weekends!)

Get ready to share the beauty of your evenings with us,

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