memories in montage form

April 23, 2008 Candace Morris 13 Comments

so, last night as i was trying to slumber, my mind was flooded with reminisince of events in my little home...the home that i must bid adieu to (don't let it hear, but it's getting a little, tinsey, winsey bit easier.)

Let this blog hereby solicit any reader to partake in sharing what they think of when they imagine themselves in my house - as a means to honor this beautiful place.

here are some of mine, the ones that visited me last night.

3am, dancing with niki to the cure.

sitting with jess in our pjs at noon, ordering beef and broccoli, marathoning sex and the city. I also remember when b&j came to visit and brought us a hookah for christmas and we sat in the sweet glow of missing each other and rose tobacco. then ben came to live with us, and i remember making tuna sanwhiches for a lunch for just the two of us - and it was the introduction to one of the most fascinating and lovely men i will ever know.

andrew and jordan kooy, and weekends where time stops...playing scrabble, watching movies, never getting sober.

the visits from my jackie. remember the first one? haha...massage on kitchen table, and then mekenzie and joel working on the computer.

joels family and having everyone over after gma passed - and how this house held us in her comfort and warmth as we mourned.

our newlywedded fights and bliss...(the balcony which gave me a vision once)

my sisters and their visits - laughing so hard our wine poured out our noses. the heat after the alaska cruise!

adam being our live in family for those wonderful summers, and then long talks with adam and erin...

if you have been here, i would love to hear a memory...please? it would so help me mourn.

nighty night loverlies.

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