i am jack's inflamed uterus

December 26, 2007 Candace Morris 2 Comments

a surge of raging femme bile tore through my adrenal system this month and (despite my truest efforts) managed to steal my sacred advent cheer. mood swings, self-doubt, and fatigue dethroned my festive state of zen.

today, the energy shifted. i made a conscious effort to do just that, and i did it in the smallest way. i decided to pick up an old faithful - East of Eden (perhaps my favorite book of all time???!!!), and began the first chapter on the bus on the way to work on a deserted highway.

i never re-read books. i am pressured by the lack of time and personal schedule of books, thus the indulgence.

throughout the day at work, i felt myself gradually shifting back into place - i think i was so afraid that the newly acquired peace was a phase, an emotional fad that i wore trendily, but i feel encouraged to see that my hormones are re balancing. after this shift, many positive things happened.

1) i got off work early and was also given Friday off!

2) my husband surprised me with our newly fixed lolita AND $500 in cash, telling me that another Christmas present was a shopping spree for me to buy clothes!

3) i was refreshed by a lovely dinner with kelsey - who always reminds me that teaching was not a waste of my life.

4) i caught up on my Grey's Anatomy

5) i did the dishes

6) i folded the laundry

7) i baked, frosted, and decorated my own cake for my mom's bday. i made the icing from one of her childhood recipes.

8) i blogged.

i find so much comfort and rest in productivity.

i thought i would share also my latest works.

second watercolor: less happy with this one than the first, but i am calling it creabirth. it was supposed to represent rebirth, but instead ended up looking like a creature...but it's mine and i still love it.

Still cannot decide on orientation. thoughts?

gomes's got me my own sketch book and pencils for Christmas, and i am happy with some doodlings. enjoy.


novembre / décembre

December 03, 2007 Candace Morris 1 Comments

Joel and I went on a 5th anniversary adventure to San Francisco and Monterey. We had ourselves a lovely time, full of very memorable occasions, dates, jokes, and catastrophies.

Joel constantly suprises me. He is unendingly selfless, adaptable, adoring, supportive, clever, and unique. As we shift from him being my centerdness to me being able to carry myself now (see last blog) - and creating my own happines - he has transitioned like a warrior and loved me fiercely. It's a lovely feeling to know that you are still so interested in your life mate - that your future together looks just as entertaining and interesting as it did when you first met.

Another gift came my way on the first day of December. Seattle gave us just the perfect amount of snow on a lazy Saturday. Everyone on Capital Hill was giddy and smiling at strangers - Kelly and I celebrated with a manhattan at lunch, coffee on the treck home, and a gorgeous evening spent with friends.